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Relocation Checklist

Relocation Checklist

Hands down the hardest part of any relocation is the seemingly endless list of tasks. You want to be sure you don’t forget anything before you‘ve put too many miles between you and your old address. Use this checklist to help streamline the process.

Update your mailing address at or fill out a change of address form at your local post office. If you’re still house hunting in your new town, open a PO Box for forwarding mail until you get settled.

Change your address with important service providers, such as your bank(s), credit companies, magazine subscriptions, phone services and others.

Contact utility companies. Make sure they’re aware of your move date, and arrange for service at your new home. Your realtor can provide a list of service providers in your new area.

Check insurance coverage. The insurance your moving company provides will generally only cover the items they transport for you. Ensure you have coverage for any items you’ll be moving yourself.

Ask your realtor to recommend doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other necessary services. Most service providers have forms available online to establish a relationship and transfer existing records before the move.

Pack an “Open First” box. Include items you’ll need most, such as toilet paper, soap, trash bags, chargers, box cutters, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, pens and paper, cups and plates, water, snacks, towels, and basic toiletries.

Keep important records handy. ID’s, passports, social security cards, insurance paperwork, medical records for people and pets. You may need them before the moving vans arrives.

E-mail a copy of your driving route to a family member or friend. Find fun stops along the way to liven up your trip. 

Empty your safe deposit box. It’s often these small details that get overlooked in the flurry of activity.

Let friends and family know how they can stay in touch. Keep in contact with loved ones and start planning visits to explore your new town with old friends.

Don’t forget to keep your sense of humor handy and be ready to roll with unexpected setbacks. Your new home and all of the excitement and adventure of exploring a new place is at the other end of that stack of boxes.

If your relocation involves a move to the Asheville area, take a look at this snapshot of area information and give me a call for help finding the perfect place to land.


Abigail Griffin

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