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Moving Tips

Moving can feel overwhelming. Between the paperwork and the boxes and the five million details, it’s hard to know how to tackle the task. Here are some tips on how to get through it all and keep your sanity.

  • Plan ahead. Don’t wait to do everything last minute. If it’s already too late for this advice, take a deep breath and move on to the next tip.
  • Find and gather important papers and medicines. Keep these with you instead of packing them away in boxes.
  • Clear a space in the corner of the room where your “MOVE” boxes will go. As out of the way as possible is best so you can easily move around and consolidate belongings in separate areas.
  • Make a row on three boxes and mark them clearly:

             “MOVE” – these are items that will go with you to your new location

             “DONATE” – for items that still have life in them and can be donated to a local charity

             “TRASH” – that stuff you’ve been holding on to for too long

  • Start in one room and sort every item you touch into one of the three boxes. When a box is full, move it accordingly.

“Move” boxes should be sealed up, labeled with details that will help you sort them on the other end and stacked on your predetermined out of the way space.

“Donate” boxes should be moved either into your car or garage, clearly away from the move items. If you’re taking them to the donation center yourself, take the boxes as soon as your car if full. Done is what we are going for here.

“Trash” box gets emptied right into the trash or into piles for pick up as required by your local service provider. The point here is to start seeing progress and get motivated to finish. If everything stays in the same room, things will get mixed up and you’ll be doing double the work.

I hope these tips have helped you move through the process or sparked a few ideas you can incorporate to sail through your move. Looking to relocate to Asheville? Reach out and I’ll send you a digital relocation guide with tips, tools and resources to get you settled in your new home in the mountains.  


Abigail Griffin

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